Brownes Boot Camp

Welcome to Brownes Boot Camp Angus first developed the idea of outdoor training in parks for people in his home town of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. He wanted to help local people access fitness resources in fun environments, and help them meet people who wanted to do the same: people that wanted to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle could do it outside of the constrictions of a gym. Brownes Boot Camp is a tough but fun fitness group that’s rapidly spreading over Essex and beyond, so come and join in! 

Mission Statement:

We are focused on consistently getting the best results for our clients – by making sure that they have fun while training. 

We aim to help people of all ages on their fitness journey to physical and mental health, by making BBC a reliable support network. 
We are hardworking, focused, dedicated and determined, no matter the time of year, no matter the weather to make BBC a respected global brand. 
We like to make everybody who is part of BBC welcome and involved. We do social/team events to get a team building feeling. Here at Brownes Boot Camp we are one big family and will support each other along your fitness journey no matter what age, experience and level. We will help you build your confidence, strength, technique, communication skills, health and wellbeing while your time spent at BBC. 

Vision Statement:

BBC will be a global brand and in 3 different countries training. We aim to be the best outdoor boot camp around with top of range equipment, staff, venues and ideas while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow our brand.